Revamp Renovation Services is a home repair and remodeling company, independently owned and operated. Our goal is to create and maintain happy relationships with our clients. We would like to remove the stigma that having a renovation done is a stressful or unpleasant process.

At Revamp we feel that communication is key to any relationship. We maintain open communication with our clients by explaining every step of the job in a clear straight forward manner. We also like to provide the clients with a ‘day by day’ walk through and explain what work was done and what work still needs to be completed. Doing this allows the client to see the different stages of the job and allows us to make any small modifications that may be desired at a lower cost. Our team of professionals offers a wide range of experience to assist in the renovation process. We strive to set ourselves apart from the rest by our attention to detail, the level of professionalism we bring to the table, and our friendly easy going approach.

Working primarily in residential properties, we respect the fact that it is someones home and treat it like our own. It is important to us to maintain clean and safe work environments and create the least amount of disruption as possible and will do our very best to accommodate clients any way we can.

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